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Beautiful people inside and out?

A recent scientific survey led by a famous plastic surgeon voted on the top ten most handsome men in the world. Each celebrity underwent analysis and research that assessed their faces using computerised face mapping techniques, mapping facial symmetry, shape and skin. Well, let’s face it peeps, there are an awful lot of sexy men out there, just to spit ball, I’d have to say Chris Hemsworth and Idris Elba kinda hit the spot for me – although I’ll now have hubby puffing his chest out and sulking around the house for the rest of the day!

Over the years I have learnt that what is on the outside doesn’t necessarily mean that is how the person concerned feels. As we now know, physical appearance can hide a multitude of confliction. Personality traits, lack of confidence, inner turmoil are things others can’t see. When contemplating how this newsletter would present itself, my thoughts turned to the wonderful, talented late actor and comedian Robin Williams. I have loved his film roles, adored him and still cannot believe that he took his own life. On the outside he seemed to have one of the most legendary careers and always outwardly looked happy and zany.

How clever we are at covering up the characteristics that belie the inner person, how easy is it to put on a brave face and show the world what we think they want to see and to use humour to deflect unwanted attention.

Having had an unhappy childhood myself, I soon discovered that having a glib tongue towards others would take the spotlight off me. I used my looks to my advantage, often causing upset. So, I have now learned that looks aren’t everything and not to take people at face value. Get to know someone first and give them a chance – I think you’ll be surprised.