No-one said it would be easy…

We have raised our children to respect others, and generally be nice, honest people, and they are. To believe that they can achieve what they really want to achieve, move to wherever they want to reside and be whoever they want to be.

Although our family gatherings are extremely important to us, we didn’t want the kids to feel obliged to come see us or that they were tied to our apron strings.

When all three dated and eventually married their partners, we obviously were thrilled and needless to say, knackered from helping out. At first having the house to ourselves was great, no mess, no noise and freedom to roam about the house, as nature intended (much to their disgust).

We moved from Essex up to the glorious Scottish Highlands, somewhere we had visited many times over the years and vowed to one day re-locate to. Eldest daughter, Nikki, husband and two sons, followed us up, which was lovely and although she split with her husband, stayed living in Scotland and now has a charming new partner, although have to admit, I find his strong Scottish accent difficult to decipher, much to his amusement. Youngest daughter, Rebecca, significant other and two girls, remain in Norfolk, and son, Chris and spouse moved to Southampton.

After selling our Highland house and then struggling to find a new home during the property market boom, we left rural Scotland and moved back down to England, living in Cumbria, where basically, we feel fairly central to the three of them. Although we speak on the phone most days, hubby and I feel bereft, and can certainly confirm the ‘empty nest syndrome’ is real.

Once both of us were retired, we decided to buy our touring caravan, travel the country and enjoy ourselves, and don’t get me wrong, we are, but we are missing the family greatly. Mind you having said that, we do get to see them, but we are certain, they are glad to see the back of us when we leave!

We are never happy are we.