Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson, love him or loathe him.

I have to admit, I have never been a fan of Mr. Clarkson and in the past have found him to be opinionated and obnoxious. Although, having said that, I did watch his previous shows, Top Gear and Grand Tour, exclaiming part enjoyment and part exasperation.

Watching open mouthed at some of the ridiculous, unbelievable stunts whilst making headlines for his infamous insensitivity and controversial comments. Of course, as expected, leading to criticism from media and the public.

However, I reluctantly sat and watched the Clarkson’s Farm series and quickly realised that I was becoming addicted. Although true to form there were times when Jeremy was ‘Jeremy’ and did or said something stupid, but I began to love watching the interaction with Kaleb, who soon straightened him out with his no nonsense personality, and enjoyed his ‘talks’ with Gerald, his ‘head of security’.

Like so many others, I soon began to feel that he really did want this venture to succeed, and to run this farm on his own, having had no previous experience. The show highlights the plight of our British farmers, how they contend with bad weather, disobedient animals and unresponsive crops, and of course the unexpected pandemic.

Unfortunately, the local small minded village mentality and the local council had banded together, and foiled every planning attempt at growth and diversification, with no other reason than they just didn’t like the applicant. I have to be honest here, hubby and I became quite incensed at all the petty politics and nasty behaviour towards the farm.

But on the bright side, it appears that a dating website, gave 2000 women the chance to vote for the UK’s ‘sexiest man’. Yes, you guessed it, surprisingly beating off the likes of Idris Elba and Ryan Reynolds to the crown, is no other than J.C. himself!

Well, I’m flabbergasted, and I’m sure he’s lapping this up.