True Colours?

What is it about people, what is it that seems to bring out the worst in some of us. Why do we act differently when away to how we behave at home. 
Staying in a campsite in our touring caravan you get to witness all sorts of life, from lovely families enjoying the outdoors together, dogs romping from shrub to shrub, to groups of youngsters, whether they are on a walking holiday, a lazy holiday or just driving around the stunning countryside to breathe in all that our fair isle has to offer. 
Unfortunately, not all of us behave in the way we were bought up to. I am constantly appalled and shocked at how dirty and disgusting some people can be, in particular regarding the shower/toilet blocks. Empty discarded shampoo or shower gel containers are strewn around the cubicles, toilet paper dropped on the floors and not picked up, and I actually hate to say this, but some of the toilet seats are pretty grim. Would these individuals behave or act this way in their own home, would their parents have allowed them to leave their rubbish behind or comb their hair and leave the remnants on the shower floor? I very much doubt it. 
Try considering the cleaners. I’d like to think I have left the facility block in the same condition that I found it in, it really isn’t difficult. Why is it, being away from home seems to bring out the worst in certain people. Get some pride peeps, start behaving and take responsibility for yourself. Try growing up, how can we teach our children to be a better generation when we behave worse than animals ourselves.