Go Green. See Red.

We should all be aware by now of the plight and fight that our planet is undergoing and how our actions are having consequences, unless of course you’re allergic to modern life and been living on the remote island of Tristan Da Cunha, the remotest inhabited island on the planet (I had to look it up). I googled ‘how to go green’ and of course most of the lists came up with the same suggestions: recycle, switch off devices, hang out washing etc, although there was one that listed ‘mindful irrigation’ – this had me flummoxed and in my infinite wisdom I thought it meant something to do with sorting out my mind! Mmm not too bright. 

Routines should already be in place to wash and recycle our rubbish, reduce consumption and conserve our natural resources. Although there still seems to be a lot of confusion over what we can and what we can’t recycle. Teaching our children how to be environmentally friendly is something that should be common place by now.

The experts are telling us to buy electric cars. Perhaps when they are more affordable more households will. I don’t pretend to understand much about these, but I worry about the production and discarding of the batteries. They say trains are greener than aeroplanes, but are generally 50pct more expensive! One can understand why a family would want to travel abroad, less cost and reliable weather.

When we retired, hubby wanted to discover the countryside by bus, not having to use our diesel vehicle and paying for parking, and so he applied for our bus passes. Daily, impatiently waiting for our postie, jumping for joy when they eventually arrived. A week later we discovered our local bus route had been discontinued due to cut backs! I guffawed. He was not amused. We also thought we should use the train more and so purchased a two together discount card, but since our purchase the train driver strike has dissuaded us from taking the risk of booking and facing the anguish of our trip being cancelled or disrupted.  I have a feeling going green is not going to be easy.