What is a tearoom

The definition of a tearoom is a small restaurant where tea and often food is served. My definition is a small, cosy and inviting room where tea or coffee and an array of divine mouth-watering cakes, biscuits or scones are offered.

The purpose of this blog is to take you on the ultimate escape and a voyage of discovery. I intend to open your eyes to the wonderful world of chintz curtains, printed cotton table cloths, pretty teapots and comfortable chatter. Stopping along the way to capture some of England’s amazing and diverse countryside with its historic sites, culture, monuments and stereotypical quaint villages where time seems to have stopped in its tracks. Trying to absorb as much history as we can before urbanisation forces itself upon us.

In the early 1900’s tearooms were largely focused on female diners and with most run by women, this gave the downtrodden modern woman the comfort, security and freedom that they were unable to experience anywhere else. Tea Parlours became a space for suffragettes in their bold fight for freedom, a safe meeting place for them to plot, plan and unite. In 1890 Harrods opened their ladies only club. What an experience, such opulence with exquisite furniture and decoration and the image of well-bred ladies in their pearls and finery. And of course, those of us of a certain age will remember Lyons Tearooms, which originally opened in 1894. Their white and gold fronted cafes were a common sight.

Don’t worry, trust me, I will endeavour to whet your appetite by discovering genuine solitude and vistas that will stop you in your tracks, showing enjoyable easy walks, where possible and weather permitting, ending with what I hope will be a heavenly treat.

I aim to take you to places that will assault your senses, alter your perception of tranquillity with a level of sublimity that transcends space and time.  So, bear with me as this is going to be a journey of learning for me as well as you.  Let’s do this together. Yeah yeah, all that aside – let’s get to the nitty gritty and reveal the lovely gooey cakey bit!

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