Doubting Thomas – who me!

According to the all-knowing World Wide Web, researchers have defined Empty Nest Syndrome as a transitional stage in one’s life. I will admit, I have always been a doubter, an unbeliever and a questioner when it came to this syndrome and had always looked forward to our little blood suckers, sorry I meant darlings, flying the coop. Or thought I had. Leaving us free to enjoy ourselves, free to romp naked around the house whilst locating the keys to the padlocks on our piggybanks that had been hidden in secret nooks and crannies throughout the years.

It seems I am officially now an ‘empty nester’. How did this happen I ask myself. But it has, and it took me a little while to understand why I felt sad or emotional at times and why I felt I had no purpose. To acknowledge that my offspring didn’t need me anymore was a ‘bolt out of the blue’ moment. I suppose my whole identity had been as a parent and suddenly I was no longer needed, although hubby still maintains he needs looking after.

I’m the type of person who needs that ‘lightbulb’ moment and once achieved then I can start to work on a solution. So, I convinced hubby that a dog would give us both purpose – while giving him the exercise he needs. Think we both miss the pitter patter sound of paws on the floors – so after Christmas we will start searching for a rescue dog that needs us as much as we need him (or her).

Watch this space …..