Absurd Censorship!

Following on from my last ‘Latest Thoughts’, which discussed how ridiculous political correctness has now become and is further being allowed, whilst hoping that common sense will prevail. Well think again.

It appears the wonderfully talented late author Roald Dahl has come under fire for his ‘offensive’ language and has become the latest ‘casualty’ in this pathetic world we now live in. Puffin, the publishers, announced that his classic collection would be edited to remove or rewrite language deemed as offensive to our young generation.

However, due to the amount of unexpected pressure, condemnation and intervention from so many across the globe, Puffin have reluctantly agreed to publish the whole classic range in its original form, although they have also provided editions that have been altered that now adorn bookshelves alongside the original works.

These wonderful stories should be allowed to be enjoyed by all. Great authors are now at risk of having their works distorted and publishers should be ashamed of the botched surgery they have inflicted on some of the finest children’s literature. Where does all this end, perhaps William Shakespeare should be quaking in his grave.

I despair. Should we wrap our children in cotton wool, how are they going to learn anything in this nanny state we have become.

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