Brougham Castle

Penrith, Cumbria

This is our second visit to these poignant castle ruins, pronounced locally as ‘Broom’ Castle. Although we feel extremely moved by the amazing architecture on display and how talented the builders and craftsmen were in bygone times, these wonderful sights evoke a mix of emotions, a mixture of awe and wonder but also sadness that many were deserted, pillaged or blown up during the many wars.

These medieval ruins stand approx. 2 miles from Penrith and were founded in the 13th century. Wandering through the ruins with its complex of passages and spiral stairways, make sure you explore the keep which provides panoramic views over the Eden Valley. With three levels to climb, ending at the small family chapel. Watch your step!

The picturesque setting beside the River Eamont offers scenic walks beside the meandering river, crossing fields with curious sheep. An absolute joy.

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