North Norfolk

Traditionally a fishing town, now a family favourite, with beautiful streets filled with independent shops selling a range of gifts, freshly caught crabs, sweet confections, ice cream vendors and of course the obligatory fish & chips.

Various car parks throughout the town, charging approx. £1.30 per hour, are available. There is a sense of travelling back in time and with such an abundance of activities and guilty pleasures, the town hasn’t lost its originality or charm. 

I love Cromer with its impressive Victorian Pier and theatre. This beautiful structure has withstood many storms, tidal surges and even an attempt by the government to blow it up during WW2, to prevent it being used as a landing strip for enemy invaders. This grade II listed edifice is 151 metres long, dating back to 1901 and is a vision to behold. The pier is home to the Pavilion Theatre and is the UK’s only remaining traditional variety show. Near the theatre you will find the RNLI Lifeboat station with its excellent little museum (no entry fee) and just down the road is the Henry Blogg RNLI Museum, well worth the visit, its free and tells the story of Coxswain Henry Blogg who served for 53 years and saved 873 lives, truly a national hero, here you will discover old videos, photos and hands-on activities for your kids.

Free toilets are available along the pier, with Tides restaurant and its new sheltered deck seating area, gift shop, booking office and of course hot sugar doughnuts from the kiosk!

To try and describe the beautiful sandy beaches along this coastline is impossible, and unless seen in person, words could not do them justice. Beware there are dog restrictions for certain times of the year for some areas, so check first. Enjoy watching the surfers, take a picnic and if you are lucky witness one of the spectacular sunsets. Be sure not to miss the stunning St Peter & St Paul Church which was built in the 14th century. For the more adventurous amble along the Norfolk Coastal Path, whilst taking in the stunning scenery. With so much to see and do, I guarantee you will be looking forward to your next visit.

Unfortunately for me, this visit was short and unplanned. A walk along the pier, no doughnuts allowed (being admonished by youngest daughter – I’ll admit I did sulk and have a strop) then a fish and chip lunch in Mary James fish restaurant, lovely food, good value, and to finish off an ice cream on the way back to the car. Oh, ok I’ll fess up, whilst daughter wasn’t looking, I snuck into a sweetie shop and secretly bought a mixture of olde fashioned delights. What more can you want, except extra time.

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